The Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

Welcome to the Friends’ Association “Förderverein Freunde des Rosarium e.V.”


The Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen hosts more than 8700 different varieties and types of roses across a space of more than 13 ha. Because of that it is considered to be the most extensive and significant collection of roses in the world. The historico-cultural importance of the Rosarium in Sangerhausen also lies in its maintaining the diversity of the roses for posterity. It therefore is a living museum and a rose-gene bank of inestimable value, mostly because the queen of flowers has continued to captivate humans because of her incomparable beauty ever since the beginning of time.
To support the work of Sangerhausen’s gardeners and to make a contribution to the maintenance and improvement of our rose garden, rose lovers and rose experts from Germany and other countries have organized themselves in the friends’ association “Förderverein Freunde des Rosariums Sangerhausen e.V.” in Sangerhausen.´On our websites you can find information about the Rosarium as well as about the association and its work. And in case you have been captivated by the roses and their beauty and would like to support the association’s work, you can do so by donating or taking on a sponsorship

New members of the club are always welcome as well.

On our websites you can get more information about the friends’ association (Förderverein) and the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen itself.