Förderverein Freunde des Rosariums e.V.

The friends’ association “FREUNDE DES ROSARIUMS SANGERHAUSEN e.V.” was founded
on October 13th 1992.
The association continues the tradition of Sangerhausen’s Verschönerungsverein (beautification association) of 1897 and solely pursues non-profit purposes.
It is run by an executive committee. The purpose of the association is to support projects and plans idealistically and materially.
Such projects are being financed by membership contributions and donations made by rose friends, tradesmen and institutions.
The Förderverein is a non-profit association and currently includes 180 active members in Germany as well as 23 members in Switzerland, France, Austria, the USA and Australia.
Sponsorships of individual roses or rose beds generate further revenue.
Attendance fees for our rose school are also used in support of the rose garden.
During the 20 years of the existence of the friends’ association, members have been able to collect more than 500,000 Euros and to use the money to support the Rosarium’s members of staff in their various tasks in both scientific and practical areas.
A general meeting is being held every year.
On June 24th, 2012 the association took stock on the occasion of its 20th birthday celebrations as well as the Europa-Rosarium’s 109th birthday celebrations.
On the website the association’s achievements we inform about projects that have been supported so far.

Sparkasse Mansfeld-Südharz Konto: 310 143 004 BLZ: 800 550 08
IBAN: DE94 8005 5008 0310 1430 04 BIC: NOLA DE 21 EIL
Volksbank Sangerhausen Konto: 10 370 21 BLZ: 800 635 58
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