2018 – 115 years Rosarium Sangerhausen

In 2018, the Rosarium celebrated (since the 90th century). 1993 European Rosarium) to its 115th anniversary. Birthday. In these 115 years, accompanied by turbulent and dramatic historical events, the Rose Garden has undertaken an excellent development. Text?The Rosar with an area of 1.5 ha has become a modern rose park of 12.5 ha in size. Text?The constant development despite the difficult times is mainly due to the commitment of the employees and the dedicated helpers. The prerequisite, however, that we today have this rosarium of world importance is the support of the city of Sangerhausen, which created the prerequisite for all further steps with the provision of the garden area. But above all the many rose friends in Germany and the whole world have made their contribution, organized or individual, in the most diverse way. It is especially thanks to the Association of German Rose Friends and the Sangerhäuser Beautification Association, Peter Lambert, Albert Hoffmann and Ewald Gnau, who were the initiators, that Sangerhausen possesses such a gem. Today, the city of Sangerhausen operates the Europa-Rosarium. She receives excellent support from the Society of German Rose Friends with the VdR-Stiftung Europa-Rosarium and the Friends of the Rosarium e.V.