The Friends of the Rosarium Association e.V. was founded on 3 May 1898. It was founded on 1 October 1992. He has set himself the goal of providing funds to promote the largest collection of roses in the world.

In the following ways, the association procures the necessary money: The contributions of the members are a solid source of income. Further revenue is generated by the awarding of sponsorships via a rose or a rose bed. The fees for participation in our Rose School are also used to promote the Rose Garden. Finally, donations from institutions and private individuals also arrive at the association.

On 24.06. In 2012, on the occasion of a festive event to mark the 20th anniversary of the association and the 109th anniversary of the Europa-Rosarium, the association took stock.

In the 20 years of the association's existence, the members have been able to raise more than €500,000 and use this money to support the various areas of the work of the Rosarium's staff in the scientific and practical field.

On the page Successes of the association we inform about previously funded projects.