The new Regentrude is here

The new Regentrude by Gabriele Messerschmidt

The Regentrude

a fairy tale by Theodor Storm

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For many years, poor farmers have been struggling with unbearable heat and drought. The cattle are thirsty. The harvest withers. Only the meadow farmer with his marsh meadows, which he bought cheaply, benefits. In the meantime, the peasants are at fault. Mother Stine remembers the Regentrude, which was awakened by her ancestor a long time ago. So her son Andres and Maren, the daughter of the meadow farmer, set out to find the Regentrude. The company is ending happily. It rains again on the earth and Maren and Andres get married.

The fairy tale inspired Gabriele Messerschmidt to make the Regentrude shape. This Regentrude now stands in the Rosarium and has become one of the artistic landmarks of the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, the weather on the poplar wood of the sculpture caused enormous damage. The association has investigated ways to preserve the Regentrude. The artist's redesign has proved the most appropriate. We therefore commissioned Gabriele Messerschmidt to create a new figure made of permanent oak wood.
In the meantime, the new sculpture is finished and stands in its usual place.
We would like to thank all those who supported us in the renovation of the sculpture, especially the artist who immediately agreed to help us. We are especially pleased that she has managed to ensure that the character is in her old place just in time for the start of the season.