The GRF Foundation



of the Society of German Rose Friends since its foundation in 1994, it has supported a large number of measures and projects in the Sangerhäuser Rosarium.
This year, the most important project was the conversion of the software and the completion of
of the new database. This will continue to ensure the collection and data management of the rose collection and fulfil the foundation’s purpose of preserving, increasing and making use of the stock of species and varieties.
Part of the Rose Database can be found on the Internet at
can be viewed. This source of information about roses is constantly being expanded.

To explain the botanical collection in the EUROPA-ROSARIUM SANGERHAUSEN
information boards have been erected explaining why the multitude of historical roses for the
to preserve posterity. However, some older tea hybrids that grow weaker and do not have leaf health like modern roses represent important milestones in rose breeding. The Sangerhäuser Rosarium is a museum for roses as a cultural asset and gene bank.

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