Club successes

Achievements of the association

Since the foundation of the association, we have financed the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen services, work equipment and materials worth over 500 thousand euros.In this way, we make an important contribution to the operation and beautification of the Rosarium. All funds will be used exclusively and directly to the Rosarium. We do not finance advertising and there are no donations to people. However, we will continue to do everything we can to help enhance the beauty of the Rose Garden, to strengthen the reputation of the Europa-Rosarium in the world and we will make an important contribution to supporting scientific work. You, dear Rose Fairy, can support us by taking on a rose sponsorship. Send us an application form or contact us otherwise. We look forward to your contribution.

In 2002, the historic pavilion was fundamentally reconstructed by the association together with the then Association of German Rose Friends.

The association has purchased 7 park benches.

In 1994, the fairytale column was erected. 2 figures for the fairytale column were financed by the association.

Numerous roses were planted in the old town of Sangerhausen with the support of the association.

The construction of the children's playground in the Rosarium was another highlight of the association's activities.

We have covered the personnel costs for the incorporation of an employee into the rose assortment, as well as the costs for the further training of several gardeners.

An important source of funding is the Rose Sponsorships. Here, Mr Hawel and Mr Otte present a sponsorship certificate.

In 2012, the Multicar underwent a general repair.

Fertilizers for the roses are regularly purchased.

The sculpture Diana was purchased in 1993 with the support of lottery funds.

Lenses were purchased for the photo equipment. Programming work on the system and a notebook for the bonitur were financed.

A very special event was the handover of this tractor by the association. For this purpose, the Sparkasse supported us with the publication of a calendar for the benefit of the association.

In the special garden, display boards for the development of roses were erected

Another small vehicle that the club handed over to the Rosarium was the weasel.

We also supported the construction of the New German Rose Library. Among other things, new windows were purchased.

Work equipment was purchased for the gardeners. In the picture you can see an electric Felco scissor. In addition, the nursery received ebbe-flood tables.

In 2003, the Empress had to undergo thorough cleaning and preservation and she was installed at the current location. In 2012, another restoration followed.

The Regentrude was purchased with a dedicated donation.

The material was made available for the world egg.

The association financed the development of a concept for a new signage in the Rosarium and the production of the signs.

Roses will be auctioned at the annual general meetings. The proceeds will be credited to the association's account.

Plants were bought for the beds at the two-man pond and in front of the main entrance.

The historic pavilion was restored in 2012 and was given a new paint job.